NRCS National Geospatial Development Center

The NGDC is a collaboration between the NRCS and WVU.


Information Systems Plans
An Information Systems Plan (ISP) provides a roadmap for leveraging information technologies to address business strategies, legislative and policy requirements, and mission goals and objectives. Soil Survey and Resource Assessment Deputy Area, assisted by Gartner, Inc., completed an ISP in April 2006. Science and Technology Deputy Area, assisted by ICF International, completed an ISP in April 2007. For additional information, contact:

Deputy Chief for Soil Survey and Resource Assessment
Deputy Chief for Science and Technology

Automated Scanned NRI Photo Orthorectification
The National Resources Inventory (NRI) assesses the status, condition, and trends of soil, water, and other natural resources on privately owned lands in the United States. Aerial photo interpretation and other remote sensing methods are the primary methods for collecting information about 800,000 sample sites across the country. Aerial images are collected each year for a subset of sample sites, and every five years for all sample sites.

A software tool based on the Leica Photogrammetry Suite was developed for NRCS Remote Sensing Labs to streamline their orthorectification process for NRI aerial photographs. This project was completed in June 2005.