NRCS National Geospatial Development Center

The NGDC is a collaboration between the NRCS and WVU.


Pedon PC
Pedon PC is a stand-alone Microsoft Access database application that facilitates the collection of soil observations in the field and their subsequent upload into the National Soil Information System. Pedon PC was developed as part of the Soil Resource Inventory Toolbox project.

The PedonPC application, blank database, support data, and user’s manual are available from:

Additional training materials are available from:

ArcGIS Tools and Data
The NRCS National Cartography and Geospatial Center has prepared regional datasets including 30 meter National Elevation Dataset, National Hydrography Dataset, Teleatlas Transportation and Cultural Data, and Soil Data Mart spatial and attribute layers in ESRI’s new file geodatabase format. This data format allows users to access some of the functionality of other geodatabase formats without the overhead of an SDE database or the file size limits associated with personal or MS Access geodatabases.

NGDC is developing a short series of instructions on working with soils data in file geodatabase format. These instructions will cover working with relates and relationship classes, querying and mapping data from component and horizon tables, and working with the muaggtt table.

1. Working with relationship classesInstructions and Arc GIS 9.2 toolbox (DRAFT)